Services and Vendors for Incoming Students


Below are links to several companies who have contacted us and asked that we connect you with them. Please note that the Midrasha does not benefit from your orders, does not specifically endorse any particular service of those listed, nor are we responsible for their services. These links are posted for your convenience only.

If you are having linens or phones sent to the Midrasha for student arrival please tell the company from which you are ordering that items MUST be well-labelled (with the name of the student) if they are to arrive to students efficiently.  Items should be timed to arrive on the day of student arrival.

Please be sure the company from which you choose to order has been in contact with us to clarify delivery dates. They may write to Leiba at


Mobile Phone Services - we do not specifically endorse any of these services:

Sefarim and Books

Midreshet HaRova recommends that students order books only once they have completed orientation and course choices, and find themselves settled in courses to their liking. The links below are for books sellers in Jerusalem from whom students may purchase books – students are advised to only purchase books as needed according to their own course choices. Some services deliver to the Midrasha, and Moriah book store is in the Old City.

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