Medical Insurance Coverage 2021-22

(The form linked below does not apply to the Class of 5783 - 2022-2023 - we will update information for you when full information is available. We leave it here so you can see the current health insurance coverage to get an idea of what will likely be made available next year. THERE IS NO NEED TO COMPLETE THE FORM LISTED HERE - thank you!)

Health Insurance

Your daughter’s health insurance will be managed by Egert and Cohen, our long time agency, in cooperation with Chai Travel Assistance Services. Actual coverage will be provided by Maccabi, one of Israel’s leading Health Funds. You can find further information regarding the plan, as well as the form that you will need to complete, at the following link: Please carefully review all the information and then follow the instructions to complete the form and return it to Egert and Cohen. In order to be certain that the coverage is in order and that your daughter’s Maccabi membership card will be waiting for her upon arrival, please complete and submit the form no later than Thursday, July 1st, 2021.

Please note the following important points:

  • Your basic Health Insurance premiums are included in tuition
  • There are small co-pays for medications and for specialist visits. These payments tend to be about US$ 6.00 per prescription (though it might be higher in the unlikely case that your daughter will need an unusually expensive medication) and US$12.00 (quarterly) for a specialist visit. Your daughter is responsible for all co-pays.
  • If your daughter has a pre-existing condition Maccabi will generally cover it, but might demand a surcharge. If this is the case Egert and Cohen will bill you separately for the surcharge. In the unlikely eventuality that Macabbi refuses you coverage, Egert and Cohen will arrange for alternate health insurance for your daughter. The cost of that insurance’s basic program will be covered by your tuition payments, but you will be responsible for any surcharges added to cover pre-existing conditions.
  • Any questions regarding the policy should be directed to Egert and Cohen.

Covid Vaccinations

A number of parents have asked if we will be requiring students to be vaccinated in order to attend the program. While government policy on this question is still unclear, it is quite possible that students will only be issued visas if they are vaccinated or, in cases where the vaccine is not easily available in a student’s home country, be willing to be vaccinated upon arrival in Israel.

We have been fortunate to have the Midrasha become a “green zone” due to the fact that virtually all of our students have either recovered from Corona or have been vaccinated. At the same time we have also seen how the lack of a “Green Pass” has complicated the situation for the two or three students who are not vaccinated, how difficult it has been for them to follow the rules of masking and social distancing, and how they have not been allowed to be in the hotels that we have used on tiyulim due to their status as non-vaccinated individuals. Given this experience we have decided, regardless of government policy, that we will be requiring all of next year's students to be vaccinated before arrival. Students who can not get the vaccine in their home countries will be required to have parental permission to get vaccinated upon their arrival in Israel. We understand that there may be families who disagree with this policy and we respect that position. Nonetheless, we feel this policy is necessary to both protect the health and wellbeing of our student body, our faculty and their families, as well as to enable us to provide your daughter with the most complete Israel experience that we can.  


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