Vacation Activities

The Midreshet HaRova program is a full one-year program, including vacation times on Sukkot and Pesach during which classes do not take place. Students have access at all times throughout vacations to the dormitories and facilities, and are provided with full-service, including meals. While we close on the first and last day of Chag as well as Shabbatot of vacation, we help place any student who needs accommodation on those days.

During vacation times, students are free to visit family or friends throughout the country, Staff provide ideas and placements for students wishing to travel or visit other communities.

Although Sukkot is a time without official classes students are invited to Simchat Beit Hashoeva celebrations at faculty members' homes, and a special learning program takes place on Leil Hoshana Rabba.

On both Sukkot and Pesach break, the Midrasha offers a two-day tiyul for all students interested in participating.

Midreshet HaRova

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