Shabbatot in the Midrasha

Shabbatot in the Midrasha

Learning together and living together create an atmosphere of their own, a melding and blending of personalities and people, developed all the more when we come together to share our Shabbat experience. One out of every three Shabbatot is generally designated as an "in-Shabbat".

Shabbatot in the Midrasha are among the highlights of the year, beginning even before Shabbat with a special “Pre-Shabbat” Kabbalat Shabbat, with the madrichot, musical instruments and dancing. As Shabbat approaches, we light our candles and head down, as group, to the Kotel for Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv. The people, the tunes and the location create a moving and deep experience in an atmosphere that cannot be matched anywhere in the world.

Each Midrasha Shabbat, staff members and their family join the students for the meals and imbue their own special tone for the oneg Shabbat on Friday night. Shabbat morning davening takes place in any one of the many Batei Kenneset in the Jewish Quarter, giving the students a chance to experience the different styles and customs of the varied communities that create the flavor of Jerusalem as a whole and the Old City in particular. Shabbat Lunch is followed by a shiur by our guest staff, and Seuda Shilishit together rounds out the group Shabbat experience.

In addition to Shabbatot spent "at home" in the Old City, we spend 2-3 Shabbatot away from home, in locations such as Tzfat and Hevron.

Free Shabbatot

On free Shabbatot students are welcome to visit family and friends in Israel. We encourage students to take advantage of free Shabbatot to experience different communities in Israel. The Midrasha actively places interested students with host families in communities throughout the country. Students wishing to remain in the dorms on free Shabbatot may do so, provided that there are a minimum of ten students who have chosen this option.



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