There is no more concrete and moving way to learn the history, the geography, and the deep connection of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel than walking its hills and valleys, its streets and alleyways.

Tiyulim are an integral part of the educational program of students at Midreshet HaRova - not just "time out" but designed to enhance student's educational program, giving a living sense of the Land and its inhabitants over time. Tanach in hand, hats on heads and three liters of water on their backs, students traverse the country and experience the thrill of seeing both ancient and contemporary Jewish history come to life, while appreciating the beauty and complexity of G-d's creations. Moving through the alleyways of the Old Cities of Jerusalem, Acco or Tzfat, visiting the scene of the duel between David and Goliath, walking the hills our ancestors tread, seeing the sunset at the beach where refugees from Europe entered Israel at tremendous physical risk - it is difficult not to be moved by the immensity of the history and geography of the land, and to a greater understanding of the place of the Land in the life of every Jew.

Our tour guides are wonderful role models to the students, extending the sense of bringing our learning alive as we tour the land.

Each year, Midreshet Harova students participate in multi-day tiyulim to Eilat to the Negev, and to the Golan - and several day trips around the country to sites of ancient and modern historical significance such as Latrun, Zichron Ya’akov, Masada, Ein Gedi and more.

Additional optional tiyulim are offered during Bein Hazmanim, and have included snorkeling for techelet snails at a special study site for the making of techelet, or visiting the Carmel area including historic sites such as the Atlit jail from the Mandate Period of modern history and camping on Mediterranean beaches and Galilean mountaintops.




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