Student Body

Student Body

The overseas program at Midreshet Harova is a mosaic of students, with representatives throughout the years from around the globe including North America, England, France, Switzerland, Belgium, South Africa and Australia.  Students join us from a variety of communities and backgrounds, blending together, learning with and from each other, as a lively and vibrant group.  Most students come to the Midrasha directly after high school for a year of study - some remain for a second year as well.  South African, Australian and some of the English students are part of a year-long Bnei Akiva program for which the Midrasha component represents the vast majority of their time spent in Israel.  The remainder of their program, during vacation and holiday periods, includes participation in special activities run by Bnei Akiva Olami.

Our student body for the 5781 academic year is comprised of 35 first year students from the Southern Hemisphere, who began their studies in February, joining the Northern Hemisphere group comprising 98 North American and European students. 

Midreshet HaRova is proud to have 13 bogrot of the class of 5780 who chose to dedicate an extra year of their time to concentrated learning in our shana bet program.


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