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Rosh Hashana 5766

By: Rav Ari Shames

29 Elul 5765- Yerushalayim

Good morning ladies and gentleman. This is a very special Erev Rosh Hashana. After thousands of years of broadcasting the Holiday preparations including the preparation of the traditional foods, the flights overseas and fairly boring "year-end- summaries"; this year, Erev Rosh Hashana 5766, we will be covering the events in the newly built Mikdash! We will be broadcasting this morning from numerous sites checking up on the preparations for Rosh Hashana. First, over to our reporter Sahar just outside Har Habayit at the meeting point for the potential witnesses.


Last minute logistics are all that's left. An impressive smorgasbord will be in place by this evening to help out all of the potential witnesses. We are expecting a large number of witnesses this month, the weather and visibility are excellent today, and the relatively early Molad should provide easy sightings on the Western Horizon in the half hour or so after sunset. The Bet Din representatives here have asked to remind the public that cars driving this evening should be assumed to be potential witnesses and they should be treated with the utmost respect. As this Rosh Chodesh will also be Rosh Hashana the usual power point moon slides will be replaced with more traditional drawings know as the "Raban Gamliel Series".

Thank you Sahar. We are all waiting for your updates, Ladies and Gentlemen stay with us and you will here it hear first!!

Now to our reporter Eyal in "Lishkat Hatlayim".


All is under control now after a tense evening. One of the rams for Mussaf had developed a strange growth that was feared to be a "moom". A joint team of experts including a veterinarian and the chief posek of the Kohanim was called in and it was determined to be Kasher.

The two sheep for the Tamid, the two bulls, the fourteen sheep, the goat and of course the two rams are all ready for tomorrow's korbanot.

Thank you Eyal for that report; now over to Shir who is standing at the Eastern Gate.


You can feel the excitement in the air!! I am standing in front of three small platforms. The center for the Shofar blower and the two sides for the trumpet blowers. Just a moment ago I saw all three of them here making sure that all was in order. The two silver trumpets have been shined and the sun reflecting off them created a truly enchanting feeling. A true coronation of the King will be heralded in using these beautiful instruments.

Thank you Shir. Just across the valley a bit further to the East is our reporter Neryah. What is happening at the top of Har Hazaytim, or should I say Har Hamashcha?


The Fire Department has approved the plans for the signal bonfire here on the top of Har Hazaytim. We understand from the Fire Department Spokesman that all of the bonfire stations have received certification despite the strike. In an official statement they point out their commitment to the safety of Am Yisrael and turn to the authorities to resolve the outstanding issues.

In the event that the Bet Din establishes Tuesday to be Rosh Chodesh and therefore Rosh Hashana, the fires will be lit on Tuesday night, which will actually be Motzei Rosh Hashana, so much for all of those new fruit!!

In an adjacent building the computer center has been set up. On-Line updates up to and including the declaration by the bet Din will be available at We highly recommend the site including the interactive features "Sample Sightings". They are expecting millions of site entries and clicks on the "Mekudash Mekudash" button in response to the "Mekudash" screen that will appear at the time of the Kiddush Hachodesh. We have been asked to remind the public that they are not to use their computers on Shabbat or Yom Tov in order to find out if Rosh Chodesh has been declared. The allowance, indeed requirement, to "violate" the Shabbat is extended to the witnesses only and does NOT include any of the expansive "Kiddush Hachodesh Information Bureau"

Thank you Neryah.

We will now check in with our man on the Southern side of Har Habayit.

Nechemya: How are the preparations coming outside of Shaar Hamayim?


I am here looking at a large stage that has been set up here outside of the steps leading to the Azara near Shaar Hamayim. The plans are to reenact the famous "Amanah" of Ezra Hasofer that took place in this very spot on Rosh Hashana upon their return from Bavel. The rededication of the Second Bet Hamikdash as described in Nechemya (perek 8) will be followed as closely as possible on this festive year when we finally are able to be in the Third Bayit. The area here is set up for tens of thousands to come and here the special Kriat Hatorah.

Nechemya, consider yourself fortunate to get a front row seat for such a special event.

As you can all see the finishing touches are being put on the entire Rosh Hashana plans in the Mikdash. We will be here for you every step of the way, covering all the important events!

We would like to thank all of the technical staff for doing their great work and we invite you all to join us next week as well for the "Used-To-Be-Tzom-Gedalya" festivities and of the course the Yom Kippur preparations. We will kick off our Yom Kippur coverage with the entourage who will be escorting the Kohen Gadol from his home to the Mikdash on the 3rd of Tishrei!

That's all for now on the "Ata Takum" network.


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