Medical Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage - 2019-2020

Insurances included in your tuition payments:

1 - Your daughter will be covered by the Tour and Care policy issued by Harel Insurance Company, Israel’s largest health insurer.

Click here for Table of Benefits.

The service is through top contracted English-speaking doctors and clinics and there is no deductible or co-pay (in other words, no need to pay and claim back home). Cover is comprehensive and backed by a 24 hour English speaking customer service and by our office –  
Apart from on-campus medical clinics by an experienced, English speaker doctor, the following medical centers are also directly contracted to the plan:

Jerusalem Family Medical Center - 
Terem -

Click here to see details of the standard medical coverage.

2 - Personal Effects insurance 

Cover: All contents are covered in the dorm / apartment 
for fire, water damage, theft and arson. (up to $5,000)

All Risks:  jewelry, cameras, electronic equipment etc. are covered both inside & outside the dorm / apartment up to policy limit ($2,500)

Please note: No cover for cell phones, glasses, cash.  No cover for items left in a car or bus. There is also no cover if there is gross negligence (e.g. leaving a laptop unattended on the beach).

Please note: It is a good idea to keep receipts of items bought abroad in case of a claim

Policy conditions are according to the full Hebrew policy. (Available upon request)


Optional Policies (sign up and additional payment required):

  1. Pre-existing or chronic medical condition.
    Premium: $2.10 per day. 
    If your son/daughter has a pre-existing condition, this is not covered by the basic policy, and he/she needs an extended policy.
    Please read here: What is a pre-existing condition 
    To register for this, you must sign up here:
  2. Private surgery In case of surgery, a private surgeon can be chosen within the Harel network, as opposed to the surgeon on duty in the basic cover. (If you have purchased cover for pre-existing conditions you cannot purchase the private surgery option).
    Coverage: Up to $15,000 (waiting period for this option is 30 days). 
    Annual premium: $95
    Sign up online here

Important: If your son/daughter returns home for a visit, or travels overseas during the school year, we offer travel insurance for $2.40 per day. Please contact our office for details.


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