Ki Va Moed!

Ki Va MoaedKi Va Moed ("because the time has come" - Tehillim 102:14), written by Rav David Milston, is an in-depth, two-volume series offering a fascinating journey through the Jewish Year, sharing refreshing, enlightening and eminently relevant insights into the Jewish calendar and festivals.

Rav Milston presents classic sources and thought-provoking questions, always finding contemporary relevance and challenging you to search your soul.

These essays will add a new dimension to your celebrations throughout the year, enrich your festive table and provoke lively discussion and debate about a wealth of topics and the very purpose of our modern Jewish lives.

Ki Va Moed is available for purchase as a 2-volume set:

  • Two volume set - $40

** Shipping and handling costs - $12

Students currently learning at the Midrasha receive a discounted price.

For further information, please contact Leiba Smith at

Please also consider purchasing Rav Milson’s 5-volume set of The Three Pillars, essays on Torah which weave classical and modern day commentaries into messages for the contemporary Jew. For more information, click here.

Please allow several weeks for handling and shipping.

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