About Midreshet HaRova

About Midreshet HaRova

Institutional Overview

Midreshet HaRova is one of Israel's leading seminaries, with more than half a dozen programs serving hundreds of women of all ages from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.  Located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City, Midreshet HaRova enjoys an enrollment of over 1,000 students in total.

The Midrasha offers an ideal setting for mature and motivated women from Israel and around the globe to achieve spiritual and intellectual growth in a religious Zionist framework in a unique blend of intimate settings and programs combined with the resources of a large educational institution.

Overseas Program

Founded in 1990, Midreshet HaRova's one-year post-high-school Overseas Program has been providing a high level religious Zionist educational experience for young women from the Diaspora for nearly a quarter of a century.  Located in the historic Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, the Midrasha offers an unparalleled atmosphere for a challenging Judaic Studies curriculum integrated with a complete Israel experience. 

The type of student who is generally attracted to the Midrasha is a highly motivated young woman looking for an intensive, high-level program in a strongly Zionist environment. The international character of the student body, including students from the United Kingdom, Canada, America, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa, and Israel, attracts young women who are interested in interacting with people from different backgrounds and are seeking a less homogeneous atmosphere. The open intellectual environment, combined with the wide variety of faculty is particularly attractive to the creative student interested in exploring a range of ideas and approaches. Owing to the international nature of the students, classes are offered in English and Hebrew, with overseas students encouraged in participating, to the best of their ability, in classes taught in Hebrew.

Students are encouraged to experience Israel to the fullest. Overseas students often share rooms with Israeli students, and participate with Israelis in activities including weekly chevrutot and field trips. Programs focusing on current events and the political situation in Israel are a regular part of the informal education program, as well as an annual Masa to Poland, which serves as the focal point of the Midrasha’s Holocaust education program.
The Educational Leadership program for overseas students encourages motivated students to combine their personal educational exploration with the necessary skills to lead others in learning in both formal and informal settings.   

The full Midrasha program includes volunteer work in the broader community of Jerusalem, special tiyulim, shabbatot and seminars, and various other communal projects geared toward encouraging students participation in and understanding of the contemporary social web of Israeli society. 

Midreshet HaRova strives to treat all students as individuals in an environment in which each student can maximize her potential.  While we hope that the values of Torah and Israel will be central to our students’ lives, we aim to teach them not what to think but rather how to think.

Video Shiurim

Each week, the Midrasha Shiur Klali, delivered on Monday to the overseas student body, is recorded and made available online for students, past and present, to enjoy.  An email shiur on topics related to the parsha, chagim or current issues is also sent to bogrot, families, students and friends of the Midrasha throughout the academic year.

Midreshet HaRova

Location: 50 Chabad Street, Old City, Jerusalem

Mailing Address: P. O. Box 1109, Jerusalem 9101001, Israel

Telephone: 972-2-626-5970    Fax: 972-2-628-4690    Email: office@harova.org

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